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Nursery Rhyme Day

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Swim Meet

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Miss. Haye

Miss. Haye

Miss Haye has been teaching at Immaculate Prep for more than 20 years. A nature lover at heart who enjoys driving to the country and looking at the beautiful scenery. Her favourite foods are ice cream, vegetables and soup.



ABC’s of Reading to and With Your Child-PDF     ICPS Library – Creating Lifetime Reader, Thinker and Doer.


ICPS has maintained an outstanding record in swimming, winning the trophy consistently in the Burger King annual swim meets. This record was broken for the first time in over 10 years in 2013. ICPS maintains the trophy for the top girl’s school.


Since the inception of the chess club at Immaculate Prep in September 2009, the girls have done remarkably well. The club is home to National champions, CARIFTA champions, International champions and two of the girls are ranked in the top 10 active women in Jamaica. Below are a few of the highlights: 2011, 2012 & […]