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Tiffany Wong

Kim Harvey-Lewis Dale

Teachers’ Assistant – Kindergarten Mrs. Dale joined the Immaculate Prep faculty for the since 2013. Her past time includes babysitting, swimming or participating in gymnastics. She also loves the theatre and enjoys eating lasagna. . A favourite class moment… When a K1 student came up to me and said “Mrs. Dale, your hair and make-up […]

Annell Petrie

Immaculate Prep has had the dedicated service of Miss Petrie since 1981. She enjoys sports, listening to music and reading. A favourite class moment… 1. The day one of my students said she was going to ask her Dad to buy me a husband! 2. I drew a stickman on the board and a student […]

Susan Dodd-Williams

Mrs. Williams has been with Immaculate Prep since 1984. She loves to cook, bake and relax. A favourite class moment… When a little girl named Julia said “Mrs. Williams, I am not a Jamaican. I was born on another planet. It’s called New York!”